The idea for FENVII Collective was born after founders Joanna & Amir traveled to Haiti in 2013 to volunteer in Cap-Haitien. Both avid travelers, their trip to this part of the world reminded them where their true passions and interests lie. The more they traveled together, the more they were compelled to combine their passions for travel, social change, and collecting unique keepsakes that reflected the stories of those they met and their experiences within those cultures.

"The more people that we met, the more deeply we were transformed and felt a responsibility to share their stories. From this, the idea for FENVII was born. We want to use this as a platform to inspire and encourage new ideas and ways of thinking to transform lives and empower people to rise out of poverty. By giving consumers the opportunity to make a positive impact around the world with their purchasing power, our goal is to use adventure, lots of laughter, compassion, creativity and the power of storytelling to break the cycles of poverty."

Thank you for joining us on this journey!

- Joanna & Amir