Meet Heera from Nepal

Heera Rai was born in a remote village of Khotang, in the east of Nepal. She has 5 sisters and 2 brothers. Although her family has agricultural land, it was not enough in order to sustain her entire family. Due to their poor economic conditions, Heera dropped her education when she was in the ninth grade. As the oldest daughter in her family, she arranged a marriage at the early age of 16 to an army personnel, in order to lessen the family burden. Now, Heera lives in Kathmandu in and Army Quarter with her husband and 8 year old son. Her husband's income was not sufficient to support their family of three because city life in Kathmandu is very expensive. 

To help support her family, Heera began desperately searching for a job. When she heard about the craft training at Sashka Co. she quickly seized the opportunity to take a training course and learn the century old craft of making glass bead bracelets. This training enabled Heera to earn a fair living wage and gave her access to health benefits in Kathmandu. Ever since mastering the art of making glass bead bracelets, Heera has become the main provider for her family since her husband has retired from the Army.