South Africa is one of the most geographically varied countries on the African continent.  It has a beautiful landscape that ranges between fertile plains, savannas, deserts and grand mountains.  Without a doubt South Africa is most renown for it’s status of having the most prestigious safari’s in the world. 


South Africa has a population of over 50 million in which 80% are black African and the remaining are mixed between European and Asian.  There are 11 officially recognized languages in which most are indigenous to South Africa. South Africa’s economy is one of the strongest in the continent and is currently part of BRICS which is a club of emerging economic powerhouses which include China, Brazil, Russia and India.  


One major problem facing South Africa is the number of HIV/AIDS patients - second highest in the world.  Around one in every seven people are infected with HIV.  Until recently, the county’s racial divisions were harshly enforced as part of the government’s official policy of Apartheid. Although the government began to dismantle apartheid in 1989 after prolonged resistance, protest, and international economic sanctions, racial inequality remains in South Africa.  While South Africa’s official unemployment rate is around 25%, it is significantly higher for the black South African population who are at a rate of almost 40%.