Meet Moo Kho Paw

Born in Thailand, Moo Kho was taken back to Burma when she was barely four years old by her grandmother, leaving behind her mother and father. She did not reunite with her mother for another 15 years, at which time her father had tragically died. While in Burma, she experienced the chilling horror of seeing her adopted village burn down, people brutally killed in front of her eyes as a young child. By 2008, Moo Kho was living in a refugee camp with her husband and daughter outside of Burma. They had left behind everything they owned and loved. She could not advance her education, was not allowed to seek a job, and lived in poor conditions.

A year later, she was given the opportunity to relocate to the United States. In 2010, she joined Prosperity, starting with a wage 50 percent above minimum wage and started receiving her first paychecks. In 2012, she was promoted to Production Manager, overseeing quality control and training other women refugees in the art of candle-making. Moo Kho proudly shares her accomplishments in the U.S., including her journey to become a minister at her Burmese church. Today, Moo Kho has a profit share in Prosperity. In just 5 years, she has journeyed from refugee with no opportunities to senior management and a stake in a U.S. social enterprise.