Meet Muna from Nepal

Muna Tamang comes from a nearby village of Kabhre Districts. When she moved to Kathmandu, Nepal, where her husband works as a driver in a local school, she had no skills and was only slightly literate. Her family grew as she had two little girls soon after she moved. It became increasingly difficult to sustain city life as her husband was the sole income earner. With the limited skills and resources she had, Muna searched for a job that would earn her a living wage while taking care of her children. 

Muna found Sashka Co. and began learning the art of glass bead bracelet making. She quickly began earning a fair living wage by making unique and colorful bracelets. As Muna continued to develop her skills, she started to train other members in her family and her neighbors the art of making glass bead bracelets. Muna and her family are now able to work from the comfort of their own homes to earn money so that they can improve the lives of their children.