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What's Cookin'



We all have that cook in our life that fills our bellies and feeds our souls. This curated box helps you say "I appreciate you more than ever (please keep feeding me)". After all, isn't it true that our stomach is the true key to our hearts? This will be a definite winner for an aspiring chef in-the-making or the full-fledged chef.


Set of 3 Olive Wood Spice Bowls                                                                                             Olive Wood Heart Shaped Spoon                                                                                       Ethiopian Cotton Hand Towel                                                                                     Recipe Cards                                                                                                                             Market List                                                                                 


· The hand towel is hand-spun and hand-dyed with 100% Ethiopian Cotton. The artisans produce, spin, weave, and dye by hand in Ethiopia, reflecting traditional and contemporary patterns and designs. These products create sustainable employment, access to health care and a savings fund for their artisans.

· Kenyan wood workers gain incomes through the work of their hands, while continuing to practice craft forms handed down through the generations or learned in response to an environmental surplus.

· The owners of Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate spend time in places such as the Solomon Islands where they work on projects to boost the local economy with the production of quality cacao.

50% of profits from this box are used to provide meals for children in need and 50% of the profits are invested into the FENVII Foundation which is used for our own program initiatives with the goal to empower individuals and transform communities.


This curated artisan gift box is hand-wrapped in a box that is 11.25" x 11.25" x 4.5".   Orders typically ship within 1-3 business. Please contact us for rush orders.


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