Meet Josephine from Swaziland


Josephine is a softly spoken, eloquent and independent woman who started with Quazi in 2012 at the age of 32. She was brought up by her Zambian father in a close knit family and from an early age learnt that in order to achieve anything a person should work hard. After graduating from a local multicultural English school she was always employed because of her firm belief that if you really want to work you will always find a job. Eventually she made her way to Quazi quit in order to spend more time with her 7 year old daughter. At her new job she is quick to pick up new techniques and proud of the products she makes. Currently in the process of acquiring land, which is an incredible achievement for a woman in Swaziland, she says that if she could give her daughter anything it would be “to be independent and not rely on other people”.