Meet Siphiwe from Swaziland


Siphiweis 29 years old. She was born and raised in Sidwashini, close to the Quazi workshop, raised by her mother as her father had another home and was then married to another woman. Siphiwe is the fourth born in her family. She went to St Mark’s primary school and completed her high school at Endzingeni situated at the north of the Hhohho region. She dreamt of becoming one of the best accountants in the world. Her dream was sadly shattered when she fell pregnant while at school. To date, she is a mother of two beautiful kids.

Siphiwe has been faithfully working for Quazi since November 2009. “Going to the shop to serve our loyal customers and to calculate sales reminds me of the dream I had in the past. I really wanted to be an accountant or to work with money. I don’t regret to be where I am today as I believe everything happens for a reason and what happened in the past doesn’t determine my future. I am so grateful” she stated happily.

Siphiwe looks up to all the other women at the workshop and each and every one of them has landed a special place in her heart. She refers to them as family and she opens up to them about any problem she faces. She said she is truly moved by the dedication each one of them has for their work. Her highlight is seeing some of their products being exhibited internationally and also paging through a magazine and coming across someone looking extraordinary in Quazi Design Jewellery.

She is inspired by her mother who raised her and her siblings by selling vegetables at the local market before she secured herself a job as a preschool teacher at Waterford. Siphiwe can relate to her mother and some of the life experiences her mother went through. Both raised their children on their own. The father of her kids is married to another woman and her father is also married to another woman.